Interior Design and Decorating for the Temecula Valley, CA

Are you constantly trying to think of new ways to make your home look and feel better? Is frustration setting in because you’re just not quite sure how to go about it?

It can be a tricky p when you’re not sure what to do, and it can be costly too. That new sofa you purchased for your living room didn’t look THAT big in the store! But now it’s at home and it doesn’t quite fit like you thought. Or maybe your favorite color blue doesn’t look so great with your new floors…

Don’t worry – I totally understand. I once was a home design novice myself and made more mistakes than I care to remember. But after 20 years of helping people redecorate and redesign their living spaces I’ve seen just about everything when it comes to interior design.

The good news is that your home is absolutely workable. Whether you need help with your kitchen and bath, choosing window coverings to dress up your living room or design ideas for renovation, the simple rules I follow will bring your home to lireduslimfe!


loungeMost people’s homes are just too cluttered. They have waaaay too much stuff which invades space that was originally designated for other things. I can help you decide what to keep and what to let go, giving you back your living space.


diningThe next step is to help you choose a color palette to suit your tastes. I’ll help you pick colors that complement your existing furniture and floors. Paint and accent colors are the most poorly chosen items when it comes to interior home design. I’ll make sure we get it right for you.


bedroomAnd if you’re ready to choose new travertine tile for your master suite, or black walnut hardwood floors for your living room together we’ll make the right decisions. We want your new granite counters to look great against your stainless appliances.

Take a look at my slideshow below to see how I transformed my standard tract home into a beautiful living environment for my family.

Everything you see above I did for my own home on a budget. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to make your home look great.

Just remember – Simplify – Identify – Beautify.

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Jessica Sanchez
Interior Design Consultant & Home Decorator